Agency Process

Agency process, simplified.

We’ve developed this agency process to give you a sense of what to expect, to stay on, because we want to avoid “mission creep”.  We’ve developed this agency process in an attempt to minimize surprises, especially when it comes to creative services. Most importantly, we want to work with happy clients who trust we’ve been to the rodeo before.



Business Strategy Goals


Sales                                                 Marketing                                     Operations

– acquire new clients                                 – acquire new followers                        – reduce speed to answer calls

– increase sales with existing                    – get traffic to your site                         – reduce abandoned calls         clients

– create new leads                                    – decrease bounce rates                      – automate self-serve functions

– create better lead quality                        – educate your clients                          – balance inventory levels


Educating your clients will look like an optimized website with a lot of content (copy, photography, video) and maybe even some white papers.

Balancing your inventory will involve implementing a Point of Sale software system in order to help you analyze your past sales in order to budget your future buys. You will identify your margin is and predict what inventory you should land in your store, by category, by month.

Creating new leads will mean committing to a minimum of 6 months of intensive digital content publishing along with constant testing, analysis and optimization, because marketing in 2018 demands it.

Designing creative for a website will depend on what you want your website to do (educate or generate revenue).

Finally, each of these campaigns will have a different set of KPIs, a different budget and different timelines.