How to update your sales and marketing strategy

Not that long ago, you might have done one of two things:

  • asked your sales rep to generate their own calling lists and start cold calling
  • hired out an outbound lead generation supplier (think boiler room call centre)

The problem with that strategy now is none of your purchasers want to be called like this.

  • It’s at the wrong time of their buying cycle
  • They don’t have budget
  • They want to do research on any purchases they make, without dealing with sales people

They’re too busy to take calls from sales reps who won’t give them any useful information over the phone. (Because good sales reps have been trained to find out what your pain points are instead of talking about pricing.)

So if you are having a hard time getting to your prospects, the purchasing game changed and you are well advised to change your marketing game to fit 2018.

Today’s purchaser knows what they need for most of the year ahead. If they need your widget delivered in 23 days, assuming they don’t already know you, they will start looking online for “widgets”. They might start to analyse who makes widgets, features of each vendor’s widgets and price.

This is where you need:

  1. a decently designed website (pro tip: if you have comic sans in your website, take your site down now. Run, don’t walk.)
  2. a properly SEO’d website (not as hard as you think)
  3. a website that answer the vast majority of questions you always hear from your prospective buyers
  4. an consistent blog that tells Google you are an authority on the subject of widgets

Some companies get the first one done and then call it a day. They don’t think about the buyer’s journey. Hubspot published a report stating ⅔ of North American businesses felt they had significant room to improve their content marketing.

If you are in that category and are interested in finding out how to improve your sales and marketing operations, please email me here.


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How inbound lead generation allows your sales team to sell more.

So much has changed in marketing over the last decade and so much of traditional selling has not.

Sales people are invaluable to your revenue generation targets. The skills they have to possess for their line of work include:

  1. ability to inquire about client needs
  2. create solutions around those needs
  3. build relationships of trust and support
  4. accept a < 100% success rate

Not everyone can do this type of work. So if you want to best allocate your resources, enable sales people to build and nurture relationships. Let your marketing efforts deliver them quality leads.

Create Inbound Lead Generation Competence:

  • find a lead generation software application (I use Hubspot)
  • build out your landing pages on your website
  • create a content map
  • publish your content frequently
  • trade your content for a reader’s email address (capture leads)
  • refine your content based on marketing metrics
  • qualify the leads before sending them to the sales team
  • rinse, repeat

The idea that the sales team could focus less on finding leads and more on building relationships means you are maximizing your team’s strong suits. I have never met a sales person who didn’t welcome a lead being hand delivered.

Stay tuned for more content on Lead Generation and how to best support your Sales team.

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