3 Common Instagram Mistakes, #1

1. Singular Event Thinking

You think of Instagram as a photo-by-photo app. If you look at your photos in grid mode (not line mode), you’ll see that they are in a grid of 3 columns and you can probably see 4 -5 rows depending on your phone. Now each photo on it’s own might be fantastic but if you take a step back and you look at those 12 photos together (see photo insert), you’ll probably notice the whole thing is difficult to look at. In art terms, it probably lacks harmony of colour, negative space, balance and perspective.  The majority of accounts are like this, which is fine if it’s your personal visual life diary. However, for your business, you want it to be beautiful.

Instagram Better
Dark and difficult, yuck!
instagram account that looks great
Light, airy, interesting Instagram

Left: bad Right: great

SOLUTION: line up 12 – 15 shots at a time. Cover a variety of topics (capsule wardrobe, shop dog, jewelry, models, textiles, shoes). Think about your products and services and how you could use 12 photos to tell prospects what they need to know about you. Create a message using 12 photos. Then post them one per day, never a bunch at once.

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